The Disklavier™ E3 consists of a Yamaha C3X, an instrument rich in reverberation, to which auto-playback functionality has been added.



Models with sound muting functionality are only available in some regions.

  • Relax to the sounds of the world’s greatest music
  • Let Disklavier™ E3 help you create your own music
  • Preserve your musical memories


Relax to the sounds of the world’s greatest music

1 Start listening the same day it arrives in your home
There is no special software to install, and you don’t need to purchase any music – special music CDs come included with every E3. You can literally start listening as soon as the E3 is delivered to your home. With over 400 songs prepared for you by Yamaha, all you have to do is sit back and let the E3 turn your living room into a concert hall.

2 Hear subtle sounds with crystal clarity
The volume on the E3 can be adjusted to meet your particular needs and ensure that your entertainment never disturbs. With the volume set at its lowest levels, the E3 can play whisper-soft sounds while retaining all of the clarity you expect from a Yamaha acoustic piano.

3 The convenience of DisklavierRadio
Wit the E3’s Internet Direct Connection (IDC), you can listen to DisklavierRadio by “streaming,” receiving radio-type broadcasts from the Internet. DisklavierRadio offers uninterrupted streams of music on over 11 different channels full of tunes to match your mood.

Let Disklavier™ E3 help you create your own music

1 Simple and easy controls
Sleek and elegant controls employ a minimum of buttons to keep things simple. The clear and logically laid-out remote is designed to be easy to read as well as easy to use; anyone can quickly and effortlessly enjoy all the E3 has to offer.

2 Built-in amplified speaker system
The E3 is more than just a top-quality piano. With its genuine Yamaha speaker system, it is truly an all-in-one entertainment system. Each speaker is angled to create a spacious overall sound that beautiful complements the sound quality of the acoustic piano. Whether playing the piano yourself of listening to recordings, the E3’s state-of-the-art speaker system will bring your music to life like never before.

3 Bright and clear Display
The E3 features a cutting-edge, easy-to-see display panel called an organic electro-luminescent display. Not only is it bright and easily readable from any angle, but it can be seen clearly from a distance as well.

Preserve your musical memories

1 Easy recording and ample storage space
The E3 also comes with enough built-in digital storage to hold literally hundred of hours of music and still have room to spare. So feel free to record whatever and whenever you want, all with just the touch of a button.

2 Listen to music directly from USB memory
Listening to your favorite music is as easy as plugging a USB memory stick into one of the E3’s USB ports. Transfer music from anywhere and listen to it on your E3, or replay your own performances for friends and family.

3 CD synchronized recording
The E3 allows you to effortlessly record yourself playing along with commercial CDs of your favorite artists, bands, and symphony orchestras. Your entire performance, including all key presses, pedal movements, and dynamics, will be recorded as MIDI data and stored in the E3’s internal memory. Then, your recorded piano performance will play back in perfect time with the music from your audio CD.

Controlling Disklavier™ with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

 Controlling iphone

With the latest firmware update for Disklavier™ MarkIV and E3 it is possible to control a Disklavier™ remotely using an iPhone, iPod touch or an iPad.
To enable this convenient function and begin using these devices to choose music, record and connect to Disklavier Internet Radio, you must ensure that the instrument has the latest firmware installed.
For MarkIV models you need version 4.0 and for E3 models version 3.0. To update the Disklavier™ please consult the user manual on how to use the network update function. Alternatively, download the latest update from the download section.
You can control basic Disklavier™ functions including: Media Select, Start / Stop, Tempo / Transpose, New Recording, Connect to Disklavier Radio, Volume Control and more.


สี / ผิวงาน

ตัวเครื่อง ผิวงาน Polished

ขนาด / น้ำหนัก

ขนาด ความกว้าง 149cm (59″)
ความสูง 101cm (40″)
ความลึก 161cm (5’3″)
น้ำหนัก น้ำหนัก 324kg (714lbs)

คอนโทรล อินเตอร์เฟส

คีย์บอร์ด จำนวนคีย์ 88
แอคชันคีย์บอร์ด Made by Yamaha
หน้าคีย์ – คีย์ขาว Ivorite
หน้าคีย์ – คีย์ดำ WPC
เพดัล ประเภท Dumper / Sostenuto / Shift
เซ็นเซอร์ / ไดรเวอร์ แฮมเมอร์เซ็นเซอร์ Noncontact optical fibre shutter sensing system*Only for Europe area
คีย์ เซ็นเซอร์ Non-contact optical fiber/grayscale shutter sensing system for 88 keys(senses the key position, keying velocity, and key releasing velocity)
เพดัล เซ็นเซอร์ Sustain & shift pedals: Incremental, optical position-sensing system, Sostenuto pedal: Optical ON/OFF, detection sensing system
คีย์ ไดรเวอร์ DSP servo drive system (servocontrolled solenoids)
เพดัล ไดรเวอร์ DSP servo drive system (servocontrolled solenoids)

Design/Architecture Detail

Hammer Type CX Series Special

รายละเอียดดีไซน์ / รูปลักษณ์

แคสเตอร์ ประเภท Single Caster


ฝาปิด เสาค้ำฝาปิดแบบเซฟตี้สต็อบ Yes
ฝาปิดคีย์ ล็อกฝา / ฟอลล์บอร์ด Yes
ฝาปิดคีย์แบบซอฟต์โคลส Yes


ระบบเปียโนไซเลนซิง Motor-driven hammer shank stopper*Only for Europe area


การสร้างเสียง โทน เจเนอเรติง เทคโนโลยี Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2)
โพลีโฟนี จำนวนโพลิโฟนี (สูงสุด) 32
พรีเซ็ต เสียงหลัก Normal Voices: 676Drum Voices: 21 kits total


การควบคุมทั่วไป จูน Set at A=440, tunable ±50 cents in 1-cent increment


Frame Type V-pro
Back Post Number 3

Storage and Connectivity

Compatible Storage Media Internal Memory 128 MB
CD Audio CD (ISO 9600-compliant), Data CD (ISO 9600-Level1-compliant)
USB Flash Memory (Optional) Yamaha does not assure the operation of the commercially available USB flash memories.
USB Hard Disk (Optional) FAT32 format (Yamaha does not assure the operation of the commercially available USB hard disks)


กระแสไฟที่ต้องการ Local AC current, 100-240V, 50/60Hz


อุปกรณ์เสริมในชุด อื่น ๆ Control Unit (1), control unit suspension bracket (1), monitor speaker installation kit (1), speaker cord (2), remote control (1), battery for remote control (2), sample Pianosoft CD software (2), quick reference (1), operation manual (1)

Models with sound muting functionality are only available in some regions.


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