Combine piano playing and singing for double the fun!
The touch panel allows easy access to a wide range of musical features.


Combine piano playing and singing for double the fun!
The touch panel allows easy access to a wide range of musical features.

Featuring the RGE Sound Engine for outstanding playing response and the GH3 (Graded Hammer 3) keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops for maximum playing comfort, the CVP-605 offers extremely high quality piano performance. You’ll experience a degree of playing satisfaction unique to the CVP Series. Plug in a microphone and display the lyrics on the panel for karaoke or singing along to your own playing. Plus, you can add lush harmonies to your singing voice. The interface is simple to understand and the touch panel makes operating a wide selection of functions quick and easy. You can also use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with Yamaha apps to manage music data or make settings for the songs you want to play. With the CVP-605, endless musical fun is always close at hand.



“Real Grand Expression” Sound, touch, pedals–perfectly integrated to give you the sensation of playing a grand piano.


By harmonizing the three key elements of sound, touch and pedals in a single piano, the CVP Series gives you the feeling that you are playing a grand piano.


The RGE Sound Engine delivers the ultimate expressive capability.

The Clavinova uses the RGE (Real Grand Expression) Sound Engine,the next-generation piano sound source. This lets you enjoy the playing response and expressive capability of a concert grand piano.
It features a new Smooth Release function which can express sound with great clarity, and clearly enunciate staccato notes with the sound of lingering resonance heard when gently lifting your fingers from the keys. It succeeds in capturing the essence of a piano performance to create grand piano-like, richly expressive experiences.


Subtly reproduces resonance with the depth you hear from an acoustic piano.

Clavinova subtly reproduces even the unique resonances of an acoustic piano. It features String Resonance that expresses the mellow sounds of the other strings resonating, and Key-Off samples that actually deliver the delicate change in sound the instant the damper touches the string, just before you raise your finger from the key. The addition of these sounds results in tonal resonances that are not only beautiful, but also deep and rich.

The GH3 (Graded Hammer 3) keyboard faithfully reproduces the touch of a grand piano.

The touch of the Clavinova keyboard has been praised by pianists for a performance feel that makes you forget it’s a digital piano. The secret behind this superior touch is the same hammering system and spring-less mechanism as a grand piano. Depending on the weight of the hammer, the force of your touch and the natural key return when you release it, the Clavinova faithfully reproduces the keyboard touch of an acoustic piano from the heavy feel in the lower range to the light feel in the higher range. Also important is Yamaha’s unique three-sensor system, which accurately senses and interprets the behavior of the keyboard, just like a grand piano.
When playing continuously or with a light trill, techniques used in many pieces such as Für Elise, you can play with a bright, vivid feel.


Synthetic ivory keytops remain tactile during long performances.

Pianists enjoy a touch that clings firmly to their fingers, just like the ivory keyboards historically used in top-class pianos. Synthetic ivory keytops feature a soft, slightly porous surface that gives all keys added grip and natural friction for improved ease in playing, especially during long performances or practice sessions. The keys’ smooth, refined texture imparts a feeling of luxury and is easy to clean.

Piano Room: your choice of piano and location.

The CVP-605 offers a great new feature called Piano Room that you can use when you really want to concentrate on piano performance and savor the piano sound. You can select from among four types of pianos – grand, pop grand, upright and honky-tonk – and also a playing location, such as concert hall, cathedral or stage. Instantly, the tone quality changes to match that piano and place, giving your performance a totally different feel. When you’re playing the grand piano or pop grand, you can even choose to have the “virtual” piano lid open or closed.


The CVP Series provides many instrument Voices, in addition to piano.
Have fun playing different sounds, and producing the expressiveness unique to each instrument.

Super Articulation Voices reproduce true effects, as if you are playing that actual musical instrument.

This amazing technology intelligently recreates the authentic performance characteristics of acoustic instruments, such as guitar fret noises and slides or the breathing of a sax player. They are then blended perfectly into your performance. Select any of the many Voices and enjoy an enhanced feeling of realism, as if that instrument was actually being played. These automatically enhance your lead lines with the characteristic articulations of the original instruments, with no special playing techniques required.



Accompaniment Styles let you play along with virtual bands in numerous genres including rock and jazz. Change the Style and you can perform the same piece with a completely different mood.

Music Finder

Music Finder is useful when you can’t decide on the right Style or a Voice for ensemble performance. All you have to do is choose the name of the song you want to play and the CVP will call up the proper settings so you can get playing right away.

Style Recommender

Style Recommender allows you to quickly find a Style that suits the way you want to play. Just play a bar or two of a simple rhythm, and a list of Styles that match it will be displayed.


On-Screen score display shows you what to play and when.


* Screen is of CVP-609.

Follow along with the bouncing ball shown on the score as you play, to be sure of never losing your place.

Enjoy performing − even if you’re just starting out.


The guide lamps wait until you play the correct note, so you can practice at your own pace.


Plug in a microphone for vocal performances.

Plug in a microphone, and you can sing along with your playing.
Play accompaniment to your own composition, or play along with a talented friend. Singing will add more fun to your home parties.

Throw a karaoke party.

You can enjoy karaoke backed up by songs stored in your Clavinova or downloaded from the internet. The lyrics are shown on the display*, and the letters change color as the song advances, so it’s perfect for bursting into song. Display the lyrics on a big TV screen so everyone can join in and the party will pick up steam.
* Only if the song data includes lyrics.

Enrich your vocals with harmony.

Using the Vocal Harmony function will add the lush harmonies of a chorus, even when you’re singing alone. You can also have fun with vocal effects like vocoder, which makes your voice sound robotic.

Discover new ways to enjoy music.


If you use an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, Yamaha apps will make playing more convenient and enjoyable. Play a song and easily set the ideal Voice and accompaniment Style. Record your own performance and share it with a friend. Check out the apps and find the ones that meet your needs.

Note: Some apps require a connection to your instrument. To use apps connectivity, a wireless* or wired connection (with Yamaha i-MX1) are necessary.
*Wireless connection requires a wireless router and the bundled USB wireless LAN adapter. The USB wireless LAN adapter may not be included depending on locale due to local regulations.


Keyboard Apps

Online Services

Visit our Yamaha MusicSoft online store to browse thousands of playalong songs designed to help you play your favorite songs by your favorite artists, following the notes and chords you play on your keyboard. A diverse collection of accompaniment Styles put a professional band at your fingertips. Styles are great for practice or performances, and are a handy songwriting tool as well!


Yamaha Music Soft

Other Features

Controlling functions is easier than ever, giving you immediate access to what you want to do.

The easy-to-understand user interface has a touch panel that makes it simple to operate.
Other buttons are laid out in easy-to-see and -reach locations on the control panel. The CVP-605 is simply unrivaled for ease of use.

Customize your control panel as you like.

– Bookmarks for your favorite Voices and Styles.
– Shortcuts on the Home display.
– Assign your favorite functions to the ASSIGNABLE buttons.

USB Audio for recording your own performance.

The USB Audio Recorder* to record your performances on a USB flash memory for storage on your PC. This lets you compare two different performances to gauge your progress, or listen to them on a portable music player.
* Stored in WAV, MP3 format.

[Other Functions]
– Pitch Shift : Change the key without changing the tempo.
– Time Stretch : Slow down or speed up the tempo without changing the pitch.
– Vocal Cancel : Cancel or suppress signals like vocals and solos that exist in the center of an audio file.

“Intelligent Acoustic Control” provides a full, balanced sound with rich lows and clear highs even at low volumes.

Volume adjustment is convenient for playing at home, where sometimes others may prefer you to play softly. You’ve probably experienced the fact that when the volume is low, it is difficult to hear treble and bass. On a Clavinova, however, the Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) automatically adjusts the sound, so you enjoy proper sound balance even at low volumes. Additionally, the volume dial automatically makes fine adjustments to the overall sound of the speaker system (EQ) at low volume. This ability to adjust volume without losing the rich and balanced sound is an exclusive Yamaha benefit, ensuring you always play with the utmost sound quality.

Yamaha’s latest sound engineering technology, “Acoustic Optimizer”.

The “Acoustic Optimizer” system has been created to enrich and control resonance by physically adjusting the flow of sound waves, thanks to its design and positioning within the instrument. The combination of Acoustic Optimizer and digital technologies gives the CVP Series an incredible expressive capability.

ภาพ & เสียง


【DEMO】 Yamaha Clavinova CVP-600 Series


Yamaha Clavinova CVP-600 Series – Voices

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-600 Series – Styles

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-600 Series – Music Finder

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-600 Series – Style Recommender

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-600 Series – Audio Functions

Yamaha Clavinova CVP-600 Series – Piano Room


ขนาด / น้ำหนัก

ขนาด ความกว้าง 1,420 mm (55-15/16″) | polished finish: 1,422 mm (56″)
ความสูง 868 mm (34-3/16″) | polished finish: 872 mm (34-5/16″)
ความลึก 606 mm (23-7/8″) | 607 mm (23-7/8″)
น้ำหนัก น้ำหนัก 79 kg (174 lbs., 3 oz.) | polished finish: 81 kg (178 lbs., 9 oz.)

คอนโทรล อินเตอร์เฟส

คีย์บอร์ด จำนวนคีย์ 88
ประเภท Graded Hammer 3 (GH3) Keyboard with Synthetic Ivory Keytops
ทัช เซนสิทิวิตี้ Hard2/Hard1/Medium/Soft1/Soft2
เพดัล จำนวนเพดัล 3
ฮาล์ฟ เดพัล Yes
ฟังค์ชัน Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft, Glide, Song Play/Pause, Style Start/Stop, Volume, etc.
หน้าจอ ประเภท TFT Color Wide LCD
ขนาด 7 inch (800 x 480 dots WVGA )

Control Interface

Display Touch Screen Yes

คอนโทรล อินเตอร์เฟส

หน้าจอ สี Color
ฟังค์ชันแสดงโน้ตเพลง Yes
ฟังค์ชันแสดงเนื้อเพลง Yes
ฟังค์ชันดูไฟล์ Text Yes
ภาษา English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian
พาแนล ภาษา English


ฝาปิดคีย์ ลักษณะฝาปิดคีย์ Folding
ที่วางโน้ต Yes
ที่ยึดโน้ต Yes


Tone Generation Piano Sound RGE (Real Grand Expression)


การสร้างเสียง สเตอริโอ ซัสเทน แซมเพิล Yes
คีย์ออฟ แซมเพิล Yes
ความก้องของสาย Yes
สมูธ รีลีส Yes
แดมเปอร์ เรโซแนนซ์ Yes
โพลีโฟนี จำนวนโพลิโฟนี (สูงสุด) 256
พรีเซ็ต จำนวนเสียง 847 Voices + 28 Drum/SFX Kits + 480 XG Voices + GM2 + GS (for GS Song Playback)
เสียงหลัก 62 Super Articulation Voices, 23 MegaVoices, 57 Natural! Voices, 27 Sweet! Voices, 67 Cool! Voices, 76 Live! Voices, 20 Organ Flutes! Voices
คัสตอม แต่งเสียง Yes


Compatibility XG, XF, GS (for Song Playback), GM, GM2


ประเภท รีเวิร์บ 44 Preset + 3 User
คอรัส 106 Preset + 3User
มาสเตอร์ อีควอไลเซอร์ 5 Preset + 2 User
ส่วนอีควอไลเซอร์ 27 Parts


Types Insertion Effect 297 Preset + 10 User
Variation Effect 295 Preset + 3 User
Vocal Harmony VH1: 60 Preset + 60 User


พรีเซ็ต จำนวนพรีเซ็ตสไตล์ 420
สไตล์หลัก 349 Pro Styles, 33 Session Styles, 2 Free Play Styles, 36 Pianist Styles
ฟิงเกอริง Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
สไตล์คอนโทรล INTRO x 3, MAIN VARIATION x 4, FILL x 4, BREAK, ENDING x 3
คัสตอม สไตล์ ครีเอเตอร์ Yes
ฟังค์ชันอื่นๆ ค้นหาดนตรี 2,500 Records
One Touch Setting (OTS) 4 for each Style

Accompaniment Styles

Other Features Style Recommender Yes

แอคคอมพานิเมนต์ สไตล์

รูปแบบไฟล์ Style File Format GE (Guitar Edition)


พรีเซ็ต จำนวนเพลงที่ตั้งไว้ล่วงหน้า 124
บันทึก จำนวนแทร็ค 16
ความจุข้อมูล approx. 300KB/Song
ฟังค์ชันบันทึก Yes
ข้อมูลที่อ่าน/เล่นได้ เล่นเพลง SMF (Format 0 & 1), ESEQ, XF
บันทึก SMF (Format 0)


Demo Yes


ชุดการตั้งค่า จำนวนปุ่ม 8
คอนโทรล Registration Sequence, Freeze
บทเรียน/ไกด์ บทเรียน/ คู่มือ Follow Lights, Any Key, Karao-Key, Your Tempo
บทเรียน / บทชี้นำ ไฟนำ Yes
บทเรียน/ไกด์ Performance Assistant Technology (PAT) Yes


Piano Room Yes


บันทึกไฟล์ออดิโอ เล่นเพลง .wav, .mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3)
บันทึก .wav, .mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3)


USB Audio Time Stretch Yes
Pitch Shift Yes
Vocal Cancel Yes
Miscellaneous Dual/Layers Yes
Split Yes
Metronome Yes
Tempo Range 5 – 500, Tap Tempo
Transpose -12 – 0 – +12
Tuning 414.8 – 440 – 466.8 Hz
Scale Type 9
Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) Yes


การเก็บข้อมูล อินเทอร์นอล เมโมรี approx. 2.5 MB
เอ็กซ์เทอร์นอล ไดรเวอร์ Optional USB Flash Memory (via USB to DEVICE)
การเชื่อมต่อ หูฟังแบบครอบศีรษะ x 2
ไมโครโฟน Input Volume, Mic./Line In
MIDI In/Out/Thru
AUX อิน Stereo Mini
AUX เอาต์ (R, L/L + R)
AUX เพดัล Yes
วีดีโอ เอาต์ Yes


แอมพลิฟายเออร์ 45 W x 2
ลำโพง 16 cm x 2 + 5 cm x 2

Amplifiers and Speakers

Acoustic Optimizer Yes


กำลังไฟที่ใช้ 50 W


Accessories Owner’s Manual, Data List, “50 Greats for the Piano” Music Book, My Yamaha Product User Registration, AC Power Cord, Bench (included or optional), USB Wireless LAN Adapter (may be included depending on your locale.)


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